Below are some pictures from our September 20th membership meeting "Project Closeouts" with Maurice Pilette. Thank you to everyone for coming, and especially Mr. Pilette for his detailed and thorough review of the topic.


Meet Mr. Roux

Richard (Dick) Roux serves as staff liaison to several NFPA technical committees, including NFPA 72, 730, 731, 780, 790, and 791. Richard is licensed in Massachusetts and is NICET and IMSA certified. He serves as one of several faculty for the NFPA Fire Alarm Code, moderator for several IMSA Fire Alarm Certification Programs and was the technical editor for NFPA’s video entitled Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems. He is co-author of NFPA’s reference book, NFPA Pocket Guide to Fire Alarm System Installation and has been editor and reviewer for many book projects. He is also co-editor of the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code Handbook. He is editor of Designing Mass Notification Systems – A Pathway to Effective Emergency Communications.

Below are some pictures from this years' Cruise-In, held in July at Space Age Electronics